Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association

Wheelchair Sports in Ontario

The Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association (OWSA) is the provincial governing body for four (4) wheelchair sports throughout the province of Ontario:

  1. Wheelchair Athletics
  2. Wheelchair Tennis
  3. Wheelchair Rugby
  4. Wheelchair Basketball

The OWSA is dedicated to the development and promotion of athlete-centred, amateur wheelchair sport programs throughout the province. We provide support and a variety of programs and services to our athletes and clubs in order to encourage athletes with a disability to get active, have fun, and challenge themselves through the power of sport.

  • Find a local athletics, basketball, rugby, or tennis club/program in your area.
  • Try out our sports first-hand through our Bridging the Gap “Have A Go” sessions and other introductory wheelchair sports programs and events.
  • Compete in your chosen sport at tournaments, meets, and events at the local, provincial, and national level.
  • Rent a sport wheelchair through the OWSA Wheelchair Loans Program.
  • Learn about the importance of accessibility and inclusion in the classroom or the workplace by participating in our Enabling Change program with your classmates or coworkers.
  • Discover various funding opportunities for wheelchair athletes, such as Quest for Gold, bursaries, and grants.

View our Events Calendar to learn about upcoming programs and events in your area and make sure to contact us for details.