Education and Awareness

Have some Fun and Learn about Wheelchair Sports

"Have a Go" Days - Education and Awareness at SchoolsIf you are an educator, business owner, or a community leader and would like to learn more about wheelchair sports, we’re here to help!

The OWSA currently offers two separate programs that introduce people to the benefits of wheelchair sports.

Bridging the Gap is a National outreach and education program specifically designed to teach individuals about different wheelchair sports. Through ‘Have A Go’ days, those with and without physical disabilities can try various wheelchair sports first-hand and learn about existing local clubs, programs, and opportunities.

Enabling Change is an education and awareness program focused specifically on highlighting accessibility and inclusion in the school and the workplace. Participants have the opportunity to spend a day in a wheelchair in order to test the accessibility of their environments and experience first-hand some of the barriers wheelchair users might face in their daily lives. The program is then capped off with a game of wheelchair basketball to help the participants appreciate the athleticism, talent, and hard work of our wheelchair athletes.

The OWSA works closely with its team of Athlete Ambassadors to facilitate both these programs and provides them with the opportunity to share their passion, skills, and knowledge with others in the community.