• Information on upcoming tournaments, workshops, clinics, seminars and special events.
  • OWSA voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The ability to participate in OWSA sanctioned events (Regional, Provincial and National).
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage when participating in OWSA sanctioned events.

Annual membership is $25 and runs from October 1 – September 30

If you would prefer to mail your membership form and cheque to our office, please download the 2016-17 Membership Registration Form (pdf)



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Upon acceptance as a member of the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association, the applicant agrees to the rules and procedures of the Association as approved through rules, by-laws, policies and regulations. By-laws and policies are available for review on OWSA’s website It is understood and agreed that the Association and/or any of its officials, affiliates or sponsors do not assume responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss resulting from any accident from known or unknown conditions howsoever caused.