Wheelchair Basketball League

The Great Lakes Conference is the provincial wheelchair basketball league in Ontario
and part of the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League (CWBL). It features three separate
divisions to allow for playersTwo wheelchair basketball players reaching for the ball. of all ages, abilities, and skill levels to participate. Athletes must be registered OWSA members in order to play in the Great Lakes Conference.

Division 1 (Elite)

This division is meant for experienced athletes seeking to compete at a highly competitive level.

There will be no Divison 1 (Elite) schedule for the 2018-2019 season. All competing teams will play in Division 2 (Competitive) due to the limited number of participating teams.

Division 2 (Competitive)

This division is meant for skilled athletes seeking to compete at a competitive level. Tournaments feature a round robin format and are typically held once a month throughout the season. View the 2018-2019 Division 2 (Competitive) league schedule & results here.

Division 3 (Recreational)

This division is meant for recreational-level athletes looking to develop and improve their skills and remain active for life.A coach talks to a group of wheelchair basketball players

Division 3 offers tournaments in both 3×3 and 5×5 formats as well as full-day skills clinics and festivals open to all athletes looking to develop and improve their skills in a fun and social, yet challenging environment. Clinics are facilitated by a team of OWSA wheelchair basketball coaches and sport wheelchairs are provided for participants who do not possess their own.

Division 3 events are held approximately once a month in various locations.

View the 2018-2019 Division 3 (Recreational) league schedule here.

Rules & Regulations

All rules & regulations and team rosters were approved by the Great Lakes Conference League Commission on October 19, 2018.


You can view all Great Lakes Conference photos taken throughout the season on the OWSA facebook page.


Josée Matte
Program Manager, Wheelchair Basketball

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